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What does it mean to share a life?

Life Sharing means living with and sharing life's experiences together and forming a supporting and caring relationship.

We at BACI believe that a home is more than just a location or physical materials. It is people, relationships intertwined with the day to day and the celebration of what's still to come.

We start with a three way relationship between you, the person with disabilities/their family and BACI. Each of the members has a role to play in this relationship and each member puts their hand in with a set of hopes, dreams and expectations.

While every Life Sharing relationship is unique, there are some hopes and expectations that are common. Such as having a good life lived with purpose and the right and reality to be treated and supported with respect.

We began to live together… I did the cooking, so we didn’t eat very well! We did everything together. We cooked, we worked in the garden together, we fought together, we prayed together, we forgave each other. And so, a whole sort of journey began. I began by thinking that I could do good for them, but then as the days and then the months moved on I began to discover, little by little, what they were doing for me – transforming me, changing me. I thought I was going to teach them something, and suddenly I was discovering that they were teaching me quite a bit.
— Jean Vanier
Summertime fun!

Summertime fun!


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